Rank:Lieutenant Colonel
Position:Retired w/Honors 2010-11-28
Location:United States

My name is Thiago and im from Newark, New Jersey. Im a college student (computer science major) who works part time to try to pay for college and spend the rest of my time playing volleyball for my school. The little time i have left after that, i like to relax at home or with friends.
I\'ve played FPS games for as long as i can remember. Started with Rainbow6, played it for many years and then switched to Americas Army when it came out. After playing AA for about 6 years, i have switched to Call of Duty 4 and im having a blast with it. I really enjoy teamwork, tactics, shooting stuff, and everything that comes with these FPS games.
The Cav has provided an atmosphere of realism in game and out of game with professionals of the trade with endless knowledge in every field you can think of. Hooah 7th Cav!

Service Record

Record Date Details
2010-11-28Honorable Discharge and is Retired with Full Wall of Honor Entitlement, He is Eligible for Reenlistment
2010-07-03 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)
2010-02-26Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Just Tango Reforger)
2010-01-25Participated in War Order #12 vs the -=EG Clan that resulted in a smashing victory
2009-12-24Promoted to Major (O-4)
2009-12-05Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation Goodies Bag)
2009-12-04Graduated Arma2 Jump School Class 02-09
2009-09-13Relieved of Duties as Company Commander B/1-7, Per Request
2009-08-21Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Leatherneck)
2009-08-15Transferred and Assigned Company Commander B/1-7
2009-08-15Promoted to Captain (O-3)
2009-08-14Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Clash of Titans)
2009-08-10Assigned Commander C/1-7
2009-07-26Named Officer of the Month for June 09.
2009-05-27Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 3/D/2-7
2009-05-21Graduated Airborne JumpSchool Class 09-01
2009-05-15Completed 1st Combat Mission (Area of Sahrani)
2009-04-20Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2)
2009-02-28Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (0-1) , Assigned Commander A/2-7
2009-02-25Assigned OIC S1 Avatar Shop
2009-02-24Reenlisted, reassigned Sergeant (E-5) , Assigned Trooper A/1/A/2-7
2008-11-30Received Battlefield Commission to First Lieutenant (0-2)
2008-10-27Received Battlefield Commission to Second Lieutenant (O-1)
2008-09-15Promoted to First Sergeant (E-8)
2008-08-25Promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-6) , Transfered and Assigned First Sergeant 1/A/2-7
2008-08-01Promoted to Sergeant (E-5) , Assigned Platoon Sergeant 2/B/2-7
2008-07-21Completed NCO Academy Course 3*07-08
2008-07-16Promoted to Corporal (E-4)
2008-05-04Promoted to Specialist (E-4)
2008-05-04 Transfered and Assigned Section Leader B/2/B/2-7
2008-04-19Assigned to S1 Avatar Shop as Additional Duty
2008-04-18Assigned Platoon Leader 1/D/2-7
2008-04-15Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)
2008-03-16Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned Trooper 3B/1/3/A/2-7
2008-03-11Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 027/03/2008.

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details
2009-04-03Sharpshooter Marksman Award Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores.
2009-04-03Rifle DeviceCitation
2008-03-16Grenade DeviceCitation
2008-08-30Army Distinguished Service CrossCitation
2009-07-26Army Distinguished Service MedalCitation
2009-04-03Meritorious Service MedalCitation
2008-07-17Meritorious Service MedalCitation
2009-05-15Joint Service Commendation MedalCitation
2008-11-23Army Commendation MedalCitation
2008-09-30Army Commendation MedalCitation
2008-04-19Army Commendation MedalCitation
2008-04-15Army Good Conduct MedalCitation
2010-05-09American Defense MedalCitation
2009-05-11American Defense MedalCitation
2010-09-12Armed Forces Service Medal Citation
2010-01-17Armed Forces Service Medal Citation
2009-12-22Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2009-06-21Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2008-10-20Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2008-07-17Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalCitation
2008-09-15NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2008-08-25NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2008-08-01NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2008-03-16Army Service Ribbon Citation
2009-04-03Donation RibbonCitation
2009-03-03Donation RibbonCitation
2010-05-16Recruiting RibbonCitation
2009-03-28Recruiting RibbonCitation
2009-02-24Reenlistment RibbonCitation
2009-08-10Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-04-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2004-09-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation Citation
2003-03-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation Citation
2008-12-12Army Valorous Unit AwardCitation
2009-10-10Army Meritorious Unit CommendationCitation
2009-05-15Army Meritorious Unit CommendationCitation
2008-12-21Army Meritorious Unit CommendationCitation
2008-04-15Army Meritorious Unit CommendationCitation
2009-08-02Army Superior Unit AwardCitation
2008-07-23Army Superior Unit Award Citation
2010-05-29Good Conduct Silver Attachment Citation
2010-01-29Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2009-10-01Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2009-07-24Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2008-12-09Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2008-08-12Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2010-02-26Combat Infantry Badge 2[url=""]Citation[/url]
2010-01-25Combat Infantry Badge Citation
2009-05-15Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2009-12-13Expert Field Medical BadgeCitation
2009-05-21Jump WingsCitation