User:Oddie, Mark C.
Position:Retired 2014-07-28
Location:Calgary, Alberta

I was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada but spent many of my early years being raised by my Grandparents.  This has given me the lessons on respect and honor. Dropping out of high school early to pursue a life  of independence and freedom has led to a lot of various jobs. In each of these I excelled as high in the chain as possible. I tried the musician life and played on the A circuit in western Canada opening up for various bands including Quiet Riot and Darby Mills, Even played a gig with Lou Diamond Phillips and the pipefitters. Married in 1998 but divorced now. Have 3 children, two boys 19 and 11 and one girl 18.Went back to school in 2004 finished high school, 2006 Completed Computer Engineering with a 3.4 GPA. Now currently a production manager for a printing company with a major oil company account that keeps me quiet busy. Most jobs have been in some leadership role or another directing people under me. Playing AA3 for 10 years or so eventually I found my 7Cav brothers and switched to Arma Rotary squad and have found a childhood dream of flying.

Service Record

Record Date Details

Retired from the 7th Cavalry Regiment with Honors

2014-01-31Named Officer of the Month for December 2013

2014-01-18Promoted to Major (0-4)

2013-07-12Promoted to Captain (O-3)


Transferred and Assigned Company Commander A/1-7


Relieved of Duties from the S1 MILPACS Department, Per Request

2013-04-07Completed 12th Combat Mission (Operation Final Fury)
2013-02-23Completed 11th Combat Mission (Operation Sputnik Battle Royale)
2012-11-25Completed 10th Combat Mission (Turkey Run Rally Race)
2012-09-23Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
2012-08-05Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1) , Assigned Executive Officer A/1-7
2012-04-08Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation Iron Patience)
2012-01-07Completed 8th Combat Mission (Operation Nightmare of Chernogorsk)
2011-11-26Promoted to First Sergeant (E-8)
2011-10-29Promoted to Sergeant First Class (E-7)
2011-10-22Assigned as Acting Company First Sergeant 1/A/1-7
2011-10-21Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Sleepy Hallow)
2011-09-23Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Evil Walks)
2011-08-30Promoted to Sergeant (E-5)
2011-07-01Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Ballbreaker)
2011-06-11Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation Heatseeker)
2011-05-25Assigned to the S1 & S3 Departments as Additional Duties
2011-05-21Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Shoot to Thrill)
2011-05-17Transfered and Assigned Rotary Transport Pilot & Section Lead D/1/A/1-7
Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Dirty Deeds)
2011-04-05Promoted to Corporal (E-4)
2011-04-02Graduated Advanced Flight School 155B
2011-03-25Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Thunderstruck)
2011-03-20 Transferred and Assigned Pilot/Gunner C/1/A/1-7
2011-01-27Graduated Basic Flight School 155A
2011-01-17Completed Advanced Individual Training (Phase I)
2011-01-12Graduated NCOA WLC-05*12-10
2010-10-02Promoted to Specialist (E-4)
2010-07-31Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)
2010-07-04Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned D/1/A/2-7
2010-06-21Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 025/06/10

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details
2012-09-01Marksman AwardAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with average scores.
2012-09-01Rifle DeviceCitation
2012-09-01Expert Marksman AwardAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores.
2012-09-01Grenade DeviceCitation
2014-01-31Army Distinguished Service Medal


2013-07-03American Defense Medal


2011-07-04American Defense MedalCitation
2014-05-15Armed Forces Service Medal

2014-05-15Armed Forces Service Medal

2014-05-15Armed Forces Service Medal


2012-05-19Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2012-04-17Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2012-02-26Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2014-02-20Humanitarian Service Medal

2013-09-30Humanitarian Service Medal


2011-11-26NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2011-10-29NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2011-08-30NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2010-07-04Army Service RibbonCitation
2011-09-25United Nations Service MedalCitation
2012-02-28Donation RibbonCitation
2012-02-18Donation RibbonCitation
2011-04-28Donation RibbonCitation
2010-12-28Donation RibbonCitation
2013-01-147th Cavalry Server Upgrade AwardCitation
2011-06-02Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-09-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-08-10Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation

2003-03-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation

2013-11-15Good Conduct Silver Attachment

2013-03-20Good Conduct Silver AttachmentCitation
2012-11-20Good Conduct Silver AttachmentCitation
2012-07-23Good Conduct Silver AttachmentCitation
2012-03-25Good Conduct Bronze Attachment


2011-07-29Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2011-03-31Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2010-12-01Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2012-11-25Combat Infantry Badge 2Citation
2011-07-01Combat Infantry Badge Citation
2011-03-25Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2011-04-02Army Aviator BadgeCitation
2011-01-30Jump WingsCitation