User:Hartman, Ryan
Rank:Brigadier General
Position:Adjutant General, S2 OIC
Location:Tampa, FL


Service Record

Record Date Details

Assigned OIC of S2 Department as Additional Duty

2014-06-04Promoted to Brigadier General (O-7) , Transferred and Assigned Adjutant General, Regimental Headquarters

Relieved of Duties from the Special Wiki Administration Group, Per Request

Relieved of duties as S3 Battle Staff Lead


Assigned S3 Battle Staff Lead as Additional Duty

Completed 55th Combat Mission (Operation Hunger Games)
Completed 54th Combat Mission (Operation Hair Gel)
2013-04-09Relieved of Duties from the Recruit Training Command Department, Per Request
2013-04-03Assigned to the Special Wiki Administration Group, Lead as Additional Duty
2013-03-08Completed 53rd Combat Mission (Operation Ironhand)
2013-02-24Completed 52nd Combat Mission (Operation Kobayashi Maru)
2013-02-15Assigned to the Recruit Training Command, NCOIC as Additional Duty

Completed 50th Combat Mission (Operation Rasman Waltz: Dark Tango), Completed 51st Combat Mission (Operation Reciprocity)

2013-01-19Completed 49th Combat Mission (Operation Combined Strength)
2013-01-19Completed 48th Combat Mission (Operation Trojan Skittles)
2012-12-15Completed 47th Combat Mission (Operation Seahorse)
2012-12-08Completed 46th Combat Mission (Operation Heartbreaker)
2012-12-07Completed 45th Combat Mission (Operation Blue Tundra)
2012-11-25Completed 44th Combat Mission (Turkey Run Rally Race)
2012-11-17Reduction in Rank to Command Sergeant Major (E-9) , Transferred and Assigned Regimental Command Sergeant Major
2012-11-10Completed 43rd Combat Mission (Campaign Clip Wars, Operation Revenge of the Clip)
2012-11-09Completed 42nd Combat Mission (Campaign Silent, Operation Silent Deuce)
2012-11-04Assigned OIC Combat Applications Group
2012-09-28Completed 41st Combat Mission (Operation Silent Blast)
2012-09-15Completed 40th Combat Mission (Operation The Clip Strikes Back)
2012-09-04Transferred and Assigned CAG Executive Officer
2012-08-24Completed 39th Combat Mission (Operation Silent Strike)
2012-08-04Completed 38th Combat Mission (Operation A new Clip Part Deux)

Assigned as CAG Executive Officer as Additional Duty, Relieved from Duties as the S3 Department OIC, non punitive

2012-07-29Completed 37th Combat Mission (Operation Charlie Sierra)
2012-07-15Completed 36th Combat Mission (Operation A New Clip)
2012-07-08Completed 35th Combat Mission (Operation TvT 90 Clip-Less)
2012-06-23Completed 34th Combat Mission (Operation Enduring Koso)
2012-06-05Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)
2012-05-05Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Campaign Maelstrom, Operation Fox Hunt)
2012-04-12Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Operation RedBullClip)
2012-03-25Completed 31st Combat Mission (Operation Endurance)
2012-01-14As Extra Duties, assigned Company Commander A/1-7
2012-01-07Completed 30th Combat Mission (Operation Nightmare of Chernogorsk)
2011-12-03Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer First Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment
2011-11-19Completed 29th Combat Mission (Operation Turkey Run)
2011-11-01Promoted to Major (O-4)
2011-10-21Completed 28th Combat Mission (Operation Sleep Hollow)
2011-10-02Transferred and Assigned Company Commander B/1-7
2011-09-23Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Evil Walks)
2011-08-27Transferred and Assigned Company Commander D/1-7
2011-08-07Completed 26th Combat Mission (TCC Season 6 Week 4 vs =ES=)
2011-07-22Completed 25th Combat Mission (TCC Season 6 Week 2 vs {RU})
2011-07-01 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Operation Ballbreaker)
2011-06-28Assigned Executive Officer C/1-7
2011-06-11 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation Heatseeker)
2011-05-21Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Operation Shoot to Thrill)
2011-05-11Named Officer of the Month for February 2011
2011-05-07Relieved of Duties from Platoon Leader 2/C/1-7. Maintains all other role and duty. This is a non punitive action.
Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Dirty Deeds)
2011-04-16Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation Saving Lucy) - JOINT OP
2011-04-10Graduated Ranger Class 005-010
2011-04-09Completed 19th Combat Mission (Operation TnT)
2011-03-25Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation Thunderstruck)
2011-03-06 Completed 17th Combat Mission (TCC Season 5 Week 8 vs PlanB)
2011-02-27 Completed 16th Combat Mission (TCC Season 5 Week 7 vs SCS)
2011-02-18Assigned Officer in Charge, S3 Department
2011-02-12Promoted to Captain (O-3)
2011-02-11Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation HailMary)
2011-02-08Relieved of Additional Duties of Officer in Charge, Recruit Training Command, Per request
2011-01-22Completed 14th Combat Mission (TCC Week 2 vs AA)
2011-01-16Completed 13th Combat Mission (Operation Acid Gambit)
2011-01-14Completed 12th Combat Mission (Operation Full Contact)
2011-01-01Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
2010-12-16Earned Special Flight Permission to be Utilized in Time of Combat for Support Aircraft. The Actual Training Conducted for this Individual are Classified (TOP SECRET).
2010-12-10Completed 11th Combat Mission (Arma TvT Operation)
2010-11-23Assigned to S3 Battlestaff as Additional Duty
2010-11-21Accepted Ranger Class 005-10
2010-11-17Assigned OIC of Recruit Training Command, As Additional Duty
2010-11-13Assigned Executive Officer of Recruit Training Command, As Additional Duty
2010-11-06Assigned to S2 Department as Additional Duty
2010-10-31Completed 10th Combat Mission (Campaign Goliath, Operation Wishbone)

Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation Market Garden)

2010-10-12Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader/Mechanized Infantry 2/C/1-7

Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Weasel), Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign Goliath, Operation Thunder Cloud)

2010-09-18Graduated Basic Jump School Class 05-10 [/Citation]

2010-09-16Named Officer of the Month for August 2010

2010-09-12Graduated Basic Armor Crewman Course Class 10-007
2010-09-11Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Torch)
2010-09-07Graduated Non-Commissioned Officers Academy Class 02*08-10
2010-08-28Receved Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (0-1) , Assigned Platoon Leader 1/B/2-7
2010-08-24Named NCO of the Month for July 2010
2010-07-29Promoted to Corporal (E-4)
2010-07-17Completed 5th Combat Mission (TCC Season 4, Week 4 vs ETS)
2010-07-11Transferred and Assigned Section Leader/Mechanized Infantry D/2/C/1-7
2010-07-10Completed 4th Combat Mission (TCC Season 4, Week 3 vs XTG)

Transferred and Assigned Mechanized Infantry B/2/C/1-7, Completed 2nd Combat Mission (TCC Season 4, Week 2 vs PlanB), Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Reciprocal Approach(Continuation of Verona Echo))

2010-06-17Completed 1st Combat Mission (TCC Season 4, week 1 vs RWC)
2010-06-03Graduated the Drill Instructor Course , Assigned Drill Instructor
2010-05-02Assigned to the Recruit Training Command, Drill Instructor (In Training) as Additional Duty
2010-03-14Nominated Enlisted Trooper of the Month for May 2010.

2010-02-28Promoted to Specialist (E-4)
Returned from ELOA, Assigned Trooper C/1/B/2-7
2009-12-29Placed on ELOA
2009-12-13Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)
2009-11-15Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned Trooper B/3/B/2-7
2009-11-10Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 046/11/09

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details
2010-12-04Expert Marksman Award

Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores.

2010-12-04Rifle Device

2011-05-07Army Distinguished Service CrossCitation
2014-12-23Army Distinguished Service Medal


2010-09-16Army Distinguished Service Medal
2011-03-17Silver Star

2013-08-13Bronze Star With Valor

2014-11-20Joint Service Commendation Medal


2013-02-25Joint Service Commendation MedalCitation
2011-04-20Joint Service Commendation MedalCitation
2013-02-27Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceCitation
2012-09-12Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceCitation
2011-11-28Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceCitation
2011-04-02Army Commendation Medal
2011-02-21Army Commendation Medal
2011-02-20Army Commendation Medal
2010-10-12Army Commendation Medal
2010-08-24Army Commendation Medal
2010-07-13Army Commendation Medal
2010-08-27Army Achievement Medal
2009-12-13Army Good Conduct Medal
2014-11-24American Defense Medal

2012-11-24American Defense Medal

2010-11-26American Defense Medal
2014-04-03Armed Forces Service Medal

2012-06-10Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2011-10-04Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2011-05-24Armed Forces Service MedalCitation
2010-11-02Armed Forces Service Medal
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal
2012-11-17NCO Professional Development RibbonCitation
2009-11-15Army Service Ribbon
2011-05-23Overseas Service RibbonCitation
2012-12-10United Nations Service MedalCitation
2012-12-07United Nations Service MedalCitation
2011-09-25United Nations Service MedalCitation
2014-07-19Donation Ribbon
2012-06-06Donation RibbonCitation
2010-10-15Donation Ribbon
2010-10-11Donation Ribbon
2010-11-02Recruiting Ribbon
2010-10-04Recruiting Ribbon
2010-09-12Recruiting Ribbon
2010-07-11Recruiting Ribbon
2010-06-21Recruiting Ribbon
2013-05-01Cadre Course Ribbon

2013-01-147th Cavalry Server Upgrade AwardCitation
2011-06-02Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-09-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation
2009-08-10Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation
2004-09-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation
2003-03-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation
2013-04-21Joint Meritorious Unit Award


2010-07-15Army Superior Unit Award
2014-11-29Good Conduct Gold Attachment

2014-04-03Good Conduct Gold Attachment

2013-08-06Good Conduct Gold Attachment

2012-12-10Good Conduct Silver Attachment

2012-04-14Good Conduct Silver AttachmentCitation
2011-12-16Good Conduct Silver AttachmentCitation
2011-08-18Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2011-04-20Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentCitation
2010-12-21Good Conduct Bronze Attachment
2010-08-23Good Conduct Bronze Attachment
2010-04-25Good Conduct Bronze Attachment
2011-04-17Combat Infantry Badge 4Citation
2011-02-11Combat Infantry Badge 3
2010-10-31Combat Infantry Badge 2
2010-06-27Combat Infantry Badge
2010-06-17Expert Infantry Badge
2012-02-10Army Aviator BadgeCitation
2012-02-10Master Halo Jump WingsCitation
2011-11-06Combat Medical BadgeCitation
2011-04-10Rangers Ribbon
2011-03-26Halo Jump WingsCitation
2011-01-22Master Jump Wings